Ana and Anoushka

Family in French.

Do you know family in french ?

Mum in french is  – Mere ok

Dad in french is  – pere!

Sister in french  is -soeur

Brother in french is-Frere

GrandMother in french is  – grandmere

Grandfather in French is -Grandpere


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder WHERE you are???

 This half term our topic will be moon, stars and outerspace. This will link nicely to our Christmas play ‘Shine star shine.’

In the play all nursery children will be stars. We would appreciate it if you could send in a white t-shirt (for your child to decorate) and white tights for your child to wear. These should be sent in as soon as possible in a bag with your child’s name on.

We would love to hear you and your child’s thoughts and ideas about our new topic so we can incorporate them into our plans.










Settling in ….

We are very happy with how the Nursery children are settling in.

Just a few reminders:

  • 50p snack money per week.
  • Please label all clothes.
  • Wellies and coats for outdoor play everyday.
  • Spare clothes/underwear to be left in a bag on your child’s peg.

Have you met your child’s keyworker yet?

Any questions/concerns please let us know.

Mrs B and Mrs B


This half term we will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics and the Reception children’s Graduation from Early Years in to Key Stage 1.

We will also take part in Barnados Big Toddle and join in with the whole school’s summer concert, sports day and spirituality day. A busy half term!

Please keep looking at our daily diary sheets in Nursery’s window  for more information about each of these events nearer to their time.

We cannot believe that the nursery have nearly completed a full year at St. Pauls. We would be grateful to hear your feedback on your child’s experience in Nursery ……. Why not blog us?


Mrs B and Mrs B

Under The Sea.

Hi All,

Next week is the last week of out topic on animals.

We have already learnt about farm and zoo animals, next week we are going to be learning about animals that live under the sea.

If anybody has any ideas for our under the sea week please feel free to share them below

Mrs B


Welcome Quadbloggers!

Last Wednesday Nursery and Reception went to Smithills Farm. We had lots of fun! Pictures from our trip are on Reception’s blog page.

Nursery  are now reading lots of stories about farms. This week we have been reading ‘Farmyard Hullabaloo’ and next week we will be reading ‘Oliver’s Vegetables,’ ‘Olivers’s Fruit Salad’ and ‘Oliver’s Milkshake’.

Have you ever been to the farm? Have you ever read any stories about farms?

Please add your comments below.



We are coming to the end of our journeys topic.

We have learnt about journeys by train, car, bus, bicycle, boat, balloon, plane and rocket!

My favourite part of the topic was bring your bike to school day.


Next half term we have a trip to the farm planned-I am looking forwards to it!


Has anyone any ideas for any subsequent topics we could learn about in the nursery?